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Poeira — Poeira


After creating seven vintages as enologist in the Real Companhia Velha, I felt the need to start an individual project where I could apply my ideas and where I could control the entire production process. Without compromises, a wine that would reflect my interpretation of the Douro.

In 2001 I bought this quinta and started the Poeira project. A little later, in 2002, I joined Quinta de La Rosa as chief enologist. With the purchase of a quinta in the upper Douro by the Bergqvist family, there emerged a new wine called Passagem, the result of a partnership with the owners.

The Sirga was also a project that began in 2004 from a belief in the vine from which it is made,but principally out of friendship with the owners.



Poeira aims to be a balanced and elegant wine. Douro wines generally rely on their tannins, but Poeira relies on its acidity. A wine that is extremely drinkable and appealing when young but which at the same time has the capacity to develop. I want every wine to mirror the vines from which it is made, maintaining its character but reflecting the variations that occur in the vineyard from year to year.

The Poeiras tell the story of my quinta. “It did not want to stay with the coarseness of its native soiland sought its true character in elegance”.

Pó de Poeira Douro Red

Pó de Poeira Douro White